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Friday Slide Show: A Foggy Day Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

2 October 2020

There's just something about the shutter sound of the Nikon D200 that makes every shot sound like a keeper. We've also noticed we touch type better when we have audible feedback (we use JazzUp from Irradiated to emulate a typewriter sound). Audible feedback is both a pleasure and a tool.

So we took the D200 with us on a walk earlier this week when the fog was protecting us from the clouds of ash coming in from the new fires. As we write this at the end of the week, we aren't so lucky. It's "Sunny" and the air quality is "Very Unhealthy."

But on our walk, the fog cleaned the air and everything had a theatrical look to it.

That was partly because we put the antique, manual-focus 43-86mm Nikkor on the D200. But we left it filter free. So the images had a color to them we hadn't seen before.

And that's because we used to use this lens on a Nikon FM2 strictly for black-and-white press events. We shot very little color with it and it always had a UV filter on it for protection.

When we took a look at the shots we had captured with the naked Nikkor zoom on the D200, we really liked them.

Our favorites of these shots are all verticals but we always pick a horizontal shot for the slide show poster. The show itself this week is chronological (which is what we usually prefer).

We've taken this walk home from the village many many times in the 17 years we've lived here. But this time it felt quite a bit different. As if we were walking through the location of some kind of fairy tale.

We never saw anyone in distress or anyone wearing shining armor but we wouldn't have been surprised. Maybe it was the fog swirling like a magical mist or maybe it was the sound of that shutter button. But we didn't hurry home.

Too bad we don't have a clue what the moral of the fable might be.

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