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Deals: 16-Inch MacBook Pro Discounts Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

5 October 2020

Most computer deals we run across are nice discounts on current hardware with less than impressive options like the 27-inch iMac for $1,649.99 at Costco that includes just 8-GB RAM and a puny 256-GB SSD. But both Amazon and B&H are offering the 16-inch i9 MacBook Pro with 16-GB RAM and a 1-TB SSD for $2,399, which is $400 off.

Costco sells the 16-inch i7 MacBook Pro with 16-GB RAM and a smaller 512-GB SSD for $2,299.99, just $100 less. Amazon and B&H offer that model for $2,099.

As a point of comparison, our MacBook Pros vary in RAM from 8-GB to 16-GB and our imaging system uses a 1-TB SSD while the backup travel laptop uses a smaller hard disk that we've outgrown. So we'd recommend the powerful 16-inch MacBook Pro with more capacity.

This is more true than ever with artificial intelligence making its way into our image editing apps.

The links for the MacBook Pros are:



Now where did we bury that $2,400 we were saving for a new laptop?

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