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Data Point: Photoshop 2021 Crashes Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

23 October 2020

This week's release of Photoshop 2021 has been an unfortunate one for us. On both of our MacBook Pro laptops, the application crashes no matter what we are doing within minutes of launch. And we aren't alone.

There are a number of reports on Adobe's support forum of v22.0.0 crashes shortly after opening.

The application does offer to send a crash report to Adobe and we've done that.

It is an admittedly ambitious update. Photoshop 2020 is a 2.76-GB application on our system while Photoshop 2021 is 3.05-GB.

There is a greater reliance on GPU processing but that can be disabled in the Preferences. We've disabled it but that hasn't helped.

We've managed to crash Photoshop just walking through its Preferences.

We've inspected the error log but it hasn't revealed the cause of the problem.

We have been able to try some new features like the neural filters, which were impressive. But even making a selection can prompt a crash so we haven't been able to use the new version to do any real work.


We were hoping this version would fix the problem we've had with Photoshop 2020 of white dotted Guides dragged from the ruler.

In the past (even earlier versions of Photoshop 2020), a Guide being dragged was light blue, easily seen against the white background of a product shot. The white dotted Guide is, obviously, invisible. And there's no way to fix that in Preferences, apparently. Still.


This contrast with the week's other updates, which have been rock solid. Lightroom hasn't caused us any problems. In fact, we did today's slide show (still a couple of hours away) using the new version.

And InDesign is running without a problem except for mistakenly applying bold italic for italic when you use the keyboard shortcut, a problem we've reported to Adobe.

And we've run DxO PhotoLab 4, Exposure X6 and Capture One on our main system without a problem since upgrading to Mojave.

The Photoshop issue stands in stark contrast not only to other applications but our long experience with the product, which goes back to v2.0 in 1991.

Fortunately we did not allow the Creative Cloud app to delete our prior installation so we didn't have to reinstall Photoshop 2020. That, unfortunately, seems like that's how we will have handle updates from now on.

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