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27 October 2020

The second Female in Focus, the international award conceived to recognize women photographers, has concluded with two winning entries and 20 winning single images. 1854 Media, publisher of British Journal of Photography, made the announcement.


Among the winners are:

Series Winner: Ada Trillo

Ada Trillo. From her winning series 'La Caravana Del Diablo'.

"Trump has effectively barred asylum seekers from entering the U.S. by threatening to impose tariffs and cut foreign aid to Central American countries," Trillo said. "For many asylum seekers, deportation will result in living a life of extortion, impoverishment and even death.

"With my winning series, La Caravana Del Diablo, I want people to recognize that elected officials' decisions affect people outside of their nation. Hopefully, winning Female in Focus will expand my audience to more people who can advocate for Central American asylum seekers."

Stories Winner: Valentina Sinis

Valentina Sinis. Telling the story of women in Iraqi Kurdistan.

"Broken Princess is the story of women in Iraqi Kurdistan who try to escape -- and protest -- domestic violence by setting themselves on fire," Sinis said.

"Those who survive are left with terrible physical scars and possibly more painful psychological ones. I hope winning Female in Focus can give them hope, confidence and energy -- for they are finally seeing their story told."

Single Image Winner: Sara Lorusso

Sara Lorusso. From a research project on queer couples in Italy.

"My winning image is part of a research project on queer couples in Italy. From an early age, we are suffocated by innumerable opinions about love. What it is, where to find it, who is authorized to celebrate it, when it is or isn't appropriate," she said.

"But when this happens with a person of your own sex, what then? The answer is that absolutely nothing changes -- but not everyone seems to have understood this yet. Winning Female in Focus is a great incentive to keep telling these stories."


The winners will be exhibited in a group show at El Barrio's Artspace gallery in New York City from Nov. 2 to 21.

Visit the Winners Gallery to see all of the images.

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