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19 November 2020

We'd made the final turn to the stretch home earlier today and were thinking of what lies ahead when we passed this succulent basking in the morning sunlight. It caught our eye but our optical nerve savored it a while so the news didn't hit our brain until we'd walked by.

Sidewalk Succulent. Nikon D200 with 43-86mm Nikkor at 50mm and f8, 1/320 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

The geometry of the pointed leaves certainly appealed to us but the texture of the leaves was what really struck us. In the harsh November sun there was something soft about them.

We stopped and walked back, taking the camera out of its holster.

We took a couple of shots, zooming out to get the whole plant, but this was our first. We preferred the more intimate crop. And, we don't mind admitting, we prefer the carousel thumbnail crop even more.

Unlike the sun, you just can't get too close to beauty.

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