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27 November 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. Our traditional Black Friday Horn looks at a few unusual shopping resources with links to their deals. As always, shopping with our affiliates helps support this site.

Shopping Stampede. Fujifilm X10 at f3.2, 1/340 second and ISO 100 through glass.

We'll be updating this page throughout the weekend (the date above reflects the last update) as more deals come in. And we'll put a link in our daily Horn column to make it easy to return here.

Listings added 27 November 2020 include:

  • Adorama has listed its Black Friday Deals with discounts up to 35 percent.
  • B&H is providing one link to all its Black Friday Deals.
  • Topaz Labs is offering The Everything Bundle which includes DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, JPEG to RAW AI, Mask AI, Adjust AI, Topaz Studio 2, and Video Enhance AI for $299. Drop Video Enhance AI and the bundle is $199.
  • DxO is offering all software at discounts up to 50 percent. That includes Nik Collection for $74.90, PhotoLab 4 Elite for $119.90, the Filmpack collection for $64.90 and Viewpoint for $24.90.
  • Datacolor's Black Friday Deals include Spyderx Photo Kit for $199.99, SpyderX Pro for $129.99, SpyderX Elite for $199.99 and ColorReader EZ for $49.99, all significant savings.
  • Canon categorizes its Black Friday deals by both type and price range.
  • Artists Sunday, a Black Friday for the arts, will be held Sunday, Nov. 29, through Monday, Nov.30. The day is dedicated to encouraging you to shop with artists for gifts that are "something special, unique and hand-crafted."
  • Olympus is offering some significant savings (like $850 on an M1 Mark II body, which is 50 percent off).
  • Serif is offering 30 percent off all its Affinity products, including Affinity Photo, through Dec. 6.
  • Rocky Nook takes 50 percent off paperbacks and bundles when you apply the code TURKEY20 at checkout.
  • ON1 is offering its lowest price ($69.99 or $30 off) for upgrades to ON1 Photo RAW 2021 when you use the code BLACK.
  • Digital Transitions is offering $15,000 trade-in credit on a Phase One XT as well as an XT Bundle. There are also discounts on pre-owned Phase One backs, among other deals.
  • Think Tank Photo's Special Offers of up to 40 percent off are valid through Dec. 4.
  • Target has a variety of electronics deals. If you shop in person, ask for the online price.
  • Camera Bits is offering Photo Mechanic Plus for $229 ($399 regularly) and upgrades from Photo Mechanic for $20 off through Nov. 30.
  • Sony is offering discounts up to $1,200.
  • The macOS email application Postbox is 33 percent off for both the one-year license ($19) and the lifetime license (39). It's what we've used for years. You can save 50 percent on ProtonMail, which provides secure email accounts that protect your privacy, too.
  • ScotteVest is offering 20 to 70 percent discounts on in-stock items while supplies last. A 42-pocket vest, for example, is $149.25 ($199).
  • Photzy is taking 86 percent off its Snap Cards and 88 percent off its Natural Light Video course. Use the code BF20 to take an additional 20 percent off everything at checkout.
  • Save 20 percent at BorrowLenses on any and all rentals arriving through February 2021 plus get free 2-day shipping on rentals $149 and up with the code CYBERMONDAY2020+.
  • Peter Krogh is offering 50 percent off on any book in his DAM Useful Bookstore.
  • Gavin Seim has released his Silver 4 monochrome presets and is taking 30 percent off everything when you use the code FRIDAY2020.

More to come! Please support our efforts...

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