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1 December 2020

We've just archived Volume 9, Number 11 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 16 Features, 23 commented News stories, 27 Editor's Notes (which included 141 items of interest), one review and three site notes for a total of 70 stories.

We published 156 images in 34 of those stories, two Holiday features and seven stories with gear specifications tables. We also published three obituaries.

That output is a bit down from the last three years, a sign of the times.

There has been a lot less action lately just judging from the items of interest. This year's 141 compares to 2019's 162 and 2018's 160 although it beats 2017's 139.

READERSHIP STATS are not complete for the month yet but show over 700,000 page served, well over 7-GB of data, which represent higher totals than last month's records.

As of the end of November, we've published approximately 4,313,512 words in 6,653 articles.

Unique sites and visits were at the same levels, too.

The top stories were the usual variety, led by our Nov. 7 Horn for some reason that escapes us. It was followed by our matinee on Sabine Weiss, which really was special. We had to print her portrait of Giocometti, although we corrected the perspective and optimized the tones, assuming she didn't have the opportunity to do either.

The free Lightroom presets from Adobe came in third, but not by much. Our Nov. 16 Horn followed inexplicably. And our feature Untold Stories, using the new Spark 2.0 followed that.

Two more Horns precede the Baron Wolman obit, which is worth a peek if you missed it. The Loop 2 announcement followed and was followed by another Horn. Our story on the publication of Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene rounded out the top 10.

But again, all but the most recent stories get read by almost everyone. Which always gives us a good feeling.

WE DID A LITTLE WORK on the site, too.

We had to style our form buttons after we upgraded to Mojave and saw what Safari does in Dark Mode. Ugh.

Then we had the bright idea to include a rough word count in our custom full-text file search. As of the end of November, we've published approximately 4,313,512 words in 6,653 articles.

We are struggling to get reviews written, though. We have several of them that remain in process. We just haven't been able to block out enough consecutive minutes to dispatch them as we deal with some immediate family health issues unrelated to the pandemic.

But we're not giving up. Don't you either. At the end of this there's a light or a pot of gold or something we didn't expect to find that will make you glad you hung in there.

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