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25 December 2020

We missed our usual excursion through the city to look for signs of the season. We're loathe to get on a bus and parking is never free so we stuck close to home where the neighbors all wear masks and step into the street when we pass.

Still, there were signs of Christmas even if they weren't placed by window dressers or designers. You just had to look a little harder.

A row of bright bulbs glistening in the sunlight on a black chain link fence, for example. Or the admonition beyond the automotive antlers to "Look Pretty, Play Dirty." Or the Silent Night carolers singing at full voice in bright daylight.

Or the carousel horse stripped of paint with a Santa's hat. Or the nutcrackers on guard at a corner house.

Or the headlines.

Or a neighbor's free candy canes (one each, please). Or ornaments sprouting from planters. Or a ladder propped up against a gutter to hang house lights.

Or a herd of reindeer on a front lawn, all of them wearing masks. Or Santa hanging from a window. Or a candy cane curled up along the front lawn.

Or the red bows on the street lamps, the masks on pumpkins that have survived since Halloween and the big blown up Santa at the fire station.

You just have to look.

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