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29 December 2020

It was time to pay some bills before the end of the year. So we took a walk down to the village to visit the Post Office and the bank. But we decided not to sling a camera over either of our slumping shoulders for this particular stroll.

Joy. Captured with an iPhone 6 Plus at f2.2, 1/1236 second and ISO 32. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

That's the surest way to make sure you run across something beautiful to photograph. Just leave the camera at home.

And it worked this time without fail.

We saw the low sunlight streaming through a bed of blooming flowers, which was pretty enough all by itself. But in the background was a white sign saying, "Joy." With a little nativity scene jigsawed out of the 'O.'

Fortunately we'd brought along the iPhone to count our post-Christmas holiday steps. And it has a camera, of course.

If we got low enough, we thought, that might make a nice shot.

So we took the phone out and bent down, arranging the lens so it sat on the lower corner of the phone case and lined it up.

When we unbent our knees and back, we found ourself in front of a line of people who wanted the same shot.

And why not?

A little joy goes a long way. Even, perhaps, to where you are.

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