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9 January 2021

When we were working on the last slide show of the year last year, we got a little confused looking at the first one listed in the Slide Show index. It wasn't the one on the left but the right.

Technology has mitigated our poor design.

That makes sense but the two of them were shifted to the right in the three-slot row. So it seemed as if the one on the left might be last, not the one on the right.

Originally we thought that was a nice layout but when it confused us we realized we had to take remedial action. So we made sure the thumbnails filled in from the left, not the right.

We do worry that all those thumbnails may take forever to download but we're still influenced by our years of 1200 baud modem use in a video streaming age. Technology has mitigated our poor design.

Same goes for our Archive page. How can we have links to all 6,738 stories we've published since 2012 and still expect the page to load. But it does. Quickly.

So, for the moment, we'll content ourselves with our improved flow on the Slide Show index.

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