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15 February 2021

We tend to lean toward older technologies in the hope of being backward compatible and supporting as many antique systems as possible. So since inception, this site has used Latin 1 and the ISO-8859-1 character set (or plain old 7-bit ASCII) enhanced with escape sequences for non-ASCII accented characters. Until today.

Using the simpler character set made it difficult to include accented characters in headlines and feeds. Anywhere outside the body of a story, really. But otherwise it was just a nuisance for us to encode the more savvy UTF-8 accented characters in escape sequences.

We would, for example, be forever converting à to à for à.

So we're joining the rest of the civilized world in moving to UTF-8. Your browser understands and renders UTF-8 so you shouldn't notice any change. But it should relieve us of the above aggravation.

That "We would" paragraph above is a bit of trickery. The first accented character is UTF-8 which the second, following the encoding, is encoded. They are here and should be identical for you now that we're using UTF-8 instead of Latin 1.

Let us know if you run into any issues.

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