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17 February 2021

We don't know when Google changed the asrguments to its URL scheme for searching a site but the code we've used since 2012 stopped working recently. Using the Find button and specifying a Google search just brought you to a blank Google search page.

Not what we wanted.

The Find button tells Google to search Photo Corners for whatever it is you type in the search string field. It should return a list of hits that you can click to go right to a story.

We offer several text search options including Bing and DuckGoGo. And our own Full Text search is always the most accurate and up-to-date. So you weren't prevented from finding anything you were looking for.


So we played around a bit last night trying one thing or another before we remembered we'd just implemented a Google Image Search on the Find button. We looked at that code and mirrored it for text and, presto, we were back in business.

If you suffered from the recently broken Google search, you'll be happy to know it's been restored to working order. No thanks to Google.

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