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Lensbaby Features Pugh Series on Manual Photography Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

19 February 2021

Lensbaby has published The Basics of Manual Photography by Robert Pugh. The one-hour video workshop series of nine modules covers settings, correct exposure and the exposure triangle:

"By the end of all nine modals from this video, you should be confident in manual mode and taking photos like a pro. This will help you unleash the full potential of your Lensbaby lenses once you've truly mastered manual mode," the company said in an email announcing the series.

This list of modules includes:

  • Module 1: dSLR vs. Mirrorless
  • Module 2: ISO
  • Module 3: Aperture
  • Module 4: Shutter Speed
  • Module 5: Exposure Triangle
  • Module 6: Metering
  • Module 7: White Balance
  • Module 8: Manual Lenses
  • Module 9: Camera Setup

Pugh is an international wedding and portrait photographer located in Reading Berkshire but covering weddings from the U.K. to the Caribbean. In over 10 years of experience running his photography business, he has covered over 480 weddings.

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