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4 March 2021

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Jan Bell, Bryan Coppede, budget flashes, two slings, Nikon's NX Studio, getting from iCloud to Google Photos, a print sale and the CASE Act.

  • Kevin Raber introduces Jan Bell, a fine art photographer he'll post an interview with shortly. In this piece by Bell, he writes, "My recent work depicts a quiet look at the natural world. Through the use of long exposures, photographs are rendered in an ethereal manner."
  • Suzanne Sease highlights the personal portrait project of Bryan Coppede. Coppede photographed the rangers at the Mohonk Preserve in upstate New York. "For the photo-shoot, I asked each ranger to pick a location around the Preserve for their portrait that held special meaning to them," he writes.
  • Dan Havlick picks The Top Three Budget Flashes from Yongnuo, Nissin and Metz.
  • In A Tale of Two Slings, Peak Design takes on an Amazon knockoff of its popular Everyday Sling:
  • In Nikon Launches New Software, Thom Hogan has some thoughts about its new NX Studio for images and video taken with Nikon cameras. We'll have more on this later.
  • Apple explains how to Transfer a Copy of Your iCloud Photos Collection to Another Service. The other service, at the moment, is restricted to Google Photos, which is free.
  • Andrew Molitor is having a Print Sale of his black-and-white images of calla lilies in a vase. The price? "To obtain a copy, send me evidence that you have donated $25 or more to some charity local to you that helps people in need," he writes.
  • In Learn More About the CASE Act, Attorney Carolyn Wright provides a list of resources to help you understand how the new Copyright Claims Board will work when it opens its doors for business in December.

More to come! Meanwhile, here's a look back. And please support our efforts...

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