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10 March 2021

In Photoshop Updates, Julieanne Kost announced today's update for Photoshop is "the first version of Photoshop to run natively on Apple computers powered with the M1 chip." The update also adds Super Resolution, three new tricks for Camera Raw and improvements to Cloud documents for the iPad version.

Not every feature has been ported yet, she adds, but "internal tests show about a 20 percent boost in performance across many parts of the application including AI-based selection tools, filters and retouching features compared with Photoshop running Rosetta 2." And you can still run the Intel version under Rosetta 2 on an M1 Mac to access the missing functions.


Super Resolution uses a machine learning model trained on millions of photos to increase the resolution of an image while maintaining clean edges and preserving important details. In the following 5:27 video, Kost demonstrates how to use it:

Adobe software engineer Eric Chan goes into detail on the new feature in his blog post Super Resolution. He also makes a convincing argument for using the new feature with older and cropped images.

How does it work? "Specifically, we used millions of pairs of low-resolution and high-resolution image patches so that the computer can figure out how to upsize low-resolution images," he writes.

Super Resolution will be coming to Lightroom Classic and Lightroom soon.


Additional new features in Camera Raw include:

  • ProRaw Profile : The new ProRaw profile promises that photos captured in the ProRaw format will now appear closer to their in-camera look.
  • Filter and Sort: The filmstrip can be filtered based on capture date, file name, star rating, color label and status, as well as sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Customizable Panel Order: The Edit panels can now be reordered.


Cloud Documents on Photoshop on the iPad gained two new features:

  • Version History Panel: When Cloud documents are saved, Photoshop automatically creates and saves a version.
  • Offline Availability of Cloud Documents: Now you can select the Cloud documents you want to store locally and access while you are offline.

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