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13 March 2021

Public service is in our blood. Twice a year, anyway, when we feel the urge to remind you that Daylight Saving Time (for those of us who observe it) takes effect at 2 a.m. tomorrow. Which instantly becomes 3 a.m.

We lose an hour in our brief life just to extend daylight an hour later. Which would have come in handy during our youth but is not as convenient an escape as we age.

Our computers and smartphones are clever enough to set themselves, so we recapture a few minutes of time we used to routinely lose. But that's about it. Our other devices require "intervention," as surgeons like to call it.

After many years of mixed results following inferior methods, we've trained ourselves to set all the clocks before retiring on Saturday night.

Set the clock in your cameras for Daylight Saving Time tonight.

There's the cordless VOIP phones, the toaster oven, the microwave, the oven itself, the kitchen clock (four clocks in one room tend to result in a tie), the assorted clock/radios, the garage door clock (well, it tells the temperature too), the shop clock, the antique Casio solar chronograph we call Patek Philippe, the atomic clock in the radon-insulated bunker and the clock in the car.

Sorry to put you through that, but that list is what we use to make sure we've set all our clocks before retiring.

After tending to all those (resorting to the car clock manual, which explains which hidden radio keys to use), we hit the sack with something like a feeling of accomplishment. We have moved history up an hour without war, famine or pestilence.

But we still manage to forget the clocks in our cameras. Hence this public service announcement. Set the clock in your cameras for Daylight Saving Time tonight.

And if you don't happen to make the change before you shoot some photos, don't worry. Just download Pasini's Time Machine, our free utility to fix the time on those images.

After you set the clocks in your cameras.

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