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31 March 2021

Leica has announced the Leica Women Summit, its inaugural virtual summit will take place April 22, 24 and 25. The tuition-free summit open to the public is designed to support professional development of women in photography by providing a virtual opportunity to learn from industry leaders in a series of public lectures, discussions.

Along with its long standing commitment to diversity and inclusion within the field, Leica is introducing a new opportunity for a select number of applicants from the 2019 and 2020 Leica Women Foto Project Award to participate in two 20-minute portfolio reviews with industry leaders, including photo editors from National Geographic, The New York Times and more.


The Leica Women Summit curated the programs in collaboration with Photoville's Laura Roumanos to ensure a compelling lineup with industry leaders, including Janette Beckman, Julie Grahame and Polly Irungu. Some of the sessions include:

Women in Focus: Get Your Work Seen
This workshop focuses on helping you create a portfolio that stands out using tactics proven to work from a panel discussion with leading industry voices.


Disruptive Creativity: Challenge Your Perspective
Discover how to use photography as a form of self-care and embrace the challenges encountered as opportunities.


The Anatomy of a Photo Business
In this workshop, Janette Beckman and Julie Grahame will offer insight on how to build a successful strategy in order to monetize a passion project.


For more information about the Summit's schedule of events, speakers and sign up to attend, visit the official Leica Women Summit page.


In addition to the programming offered during the summit, Leica is hosting additional professional development workshops led by Leica photographers Yana Paskova and Maggie Steber.

Writing in Photography
Led by Yana Paskova, this workshop will help to develop skills aimed at helping photographers connect their craft with their ability to speak about the work created. $299.99


Small Pleasures -- A Still Life Workshop
Join Maggie Sterber to learn more about how to find inspiration within the imagination through creative and personal exploration. $1,200


While both workshops require a fee, Sterber is offering one free scholarship. Visit the workshop page for more information.

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