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Datacolor Introduces Spyder Accessory Line Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

10 June 2021

Datacolor has introduces a line of inexpensive Spyder accessories to use with its color management hardware.

Here's the lineup:

  • Spyder Tripod and Tripod Pro. With flexible legs and lightweight portability, these two tripods can be used with the SpyderX calibrator, Spyder Cube and Spyder LensCal. The $12.99 7-inch model’s capacity is 0.54 lbs. The $24.99 10.5-inch Pro version, which can handle 1.76 lbs., includes a GoPro mount, smartphone holder and Bluetooth Universal Remote.
  • Spyder Shelf. The $12.99 shelf with support arm lets you attach a SpyderX to the top of your monitor with a tripod screw to ensure monitor light won’t affect the reading of the room’s ambient light.
  • Spyder USB-C Cable. This $9.99 USB-A to USB-C cable connects Datacolor's USB-A products to computers with only USB-C ports on Macs, Windows-based PCs, Android devices and the iPad Pro.

The new accessories also come in two new bundles offered at limited introductory prices:

  • SpyderX Create Kit. The $199.99 kit includes a SpyderX Pro, ColorReader EZ, Spyder Tripod, Spyder Shelf and USB-C cable.
  • SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit. The $179.99 includes a SpyderX Pro, Spyder Cube, Spyder Tripod Pro and USB-C cable.

For more information see the Spyder accessories landing page.

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