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DxO Launches Nik Collection 4.1 Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

6 July 2021

DxO Labs has released version 4.1 of the Nik Collection featuring a new rendering engine optimized for Nik Viveza and Nik Silver Efex. The new version also resets the 30-day trial period.

"Fewer than four weeks after the launch of the 4.0 version, we wanted to provide our community with an optimized version of the Nik Collection," said Jean-Marc Alexia, vice president product strategy. "To give everyone plenty of time to test it out for themselves, the 30-day trial period was reset."

The company said the new version improves the following:

  • Overall responsiveness of the interface and the option to preview effects applied to the image, whether in fit or fill mode or zoomed in
  • Significant improvement to U Point technology resulting in more responsive Control Points and adjustments
  • Better support for very high-resolution images

In addition, the update includes bug fixes and many other improvements to the software's user experience.

Nik Collection 4.1 is available now for download from the DxO Web site. The special launch price ($99.99 instead of $149 and $59.99 instead of $79 for the upgrade) has been extended to July 31.

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