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25 August 2021

In March 2019 we replaced a redwood fence on one side of the estate and it has remained reddish until this summer, when it began to fade. It will soon have the permanent silver glow that defies painting.

Weathered Fence. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm II R kit lens at 39mm (78mm equivalent) with a 10x Lensbaby macro converter and f7.1 at 1/100 seconds and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

This weathering (more than the fence itself) seemed like a fitting subject for our Micro Four Thirds macro setup. You want to examine the fence up close to appreciate the change in detail.

And, frankly, it was a welcome respite from the fence on the other side of the estate (we're joking; we don't live on an estate), which has a peculiar structural problem that could use a hammer drill to solve.

We liked what we saw through the viewfinder but we loved what we saw on the monitor when it came time to edit it. And what we loved wasn't the red-turning-silver fence so much as the lush green-into-black behind it.

You would almost think that was staged. But it was simply impossible to avoid.

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