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11 September 2021

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack. In the past few days we have all been inundated with replays and rememberances of the day when tragedy befell the nation in New York City, at the Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field.

Writing for another publication 10 days after the attack, we said:

We, too, pause here to honor the innocents who perished in the rockets' red glare on Tuesday, Sept. 11. And to salute those, stronger than steel, who came to their aid. And to thank those throughout the world who saw this attack in the land of the free as an attack on all civilization.

But we went on from there:

Bravery is sometimes exercised simply in resuming our ordinary life (something forever denied the victims).

Twenty years is a long time.

Many children have been born since then, the first of whom have already grown into adults. A generation is among us that has no personal knowledge of that day. And that, we have to think, is a victory.

The land of the free was attacked twenty years ago, but it is the land of the brave that has survived, resuming "ordinary life" and continuing to care for each other as we live out our lives in precisely the way denied the innocent victims of Sept. 11.

We do not forget but we take delight in knowing there are many who have never known a day like that. And we hope they never will.

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