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27 September 2021

When Walter Sapolsky suggested our image for Another iPhone Avalanche might have been better framed, we thought we'd revisit it.

Donner Snow Shed. Nikon D200 with 18-200mm Nikkor at 29mm (43.5mm equivalent) at f7.1, 1/250 second and ISO 125 with a circular polarizer. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

He thought (not unreasonably) the snow shed should have been lower in the image, threatened by the snow above it.

It was, in fact, a crop of a larger image taken with a Kodak EasyShare One. We had wanted to crop out all of the sky, which meant the shed itself would be in the upper part of the image.

But the full image appeals to us so we didn't at mind an excuse to revisit it.

Donner Snow Shed. Kodak EasyShare One at f6.3, 1/1053 second and ISO 80. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Eight minutes after we took the EasyShare JPEG, we took another of the mountain using our Nikon D200 with the 18-200mm Nikkor. That was a Raw capture though.

We edited both in Adobe Camera Raw, as the captions report. It's illustrative to show the two edits:

As you switch between them, just watch the sliders jump. The actual values are not as important as how much more we were able to do with the Raw data than we could with the JPEG.

We corrected the polarizer's warm rendering of the scene but we didn't adjust the color balance of the EasyShare image, which has a bit more red in it. The edits mostly focused on tonality, although there is a great deal more detail in the Raw image captured by a dSLR than the JPEG captured by a digicam.

With the full resolution EasyShare image in front of us again, we took Walter's advice and recropped the image, replacing the original editorial in the story.

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