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Camera Raw Sneak Peak: Masking Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

29 September 2021

Adobe has just posted a sneak peek of a new approach to masking coming soon to both Photoshop and Lightroom via Camera Raw.

Pei Ketron shows how the revision, which allows multiple masks affects workflow for selective edits and local adjustments, enabling both color and luminance masking.

To provide more control and flexibility in selections themselves, the company created mask groups which can "combine any mask tool with any other mask tool." So you can grab theBrush, Gradient and Luminance and Color Range tools to use with AI-powered tools like Select Subject and Select sky.

You can both add and subtract areas of the image with those tools, too. And the selection can be inverted, just as you'd expect.

A new masking panel helps you keep track of multiple masks. You can also name each mask to help identify it.

The changes will migrate through the Camera Raw ecosystem to provide a more consistent editing experience.

For more information see the blog post.

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