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14 December 2021

LaserSoft Imaging has released SilverFast 9 ExpressScan with a newly-developed algorithm that, the company claims, can digitize an image significantly faster than standard scanning.

In the demonstration above, 12 framed 35mm slides are scanned as 48-bit HDR Raw files on the Epson Perfection V800 with SilverFast 9 Ai Studio on a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro. The first row of three slides takes six minutes.

With ExpressScan, designed for batch scanning on flatbed scanners and automatically activated when it detects optimum conditions, the entire row is scanned at once, rather than just one of the three images. After six minutes, nine images in three rows have been scanned.

ExpressScan is included with our SilverFast Archive Suite from version 9.1 and it is automatically activated for batch scans, JobManager scans and Single Archive Command scans, if the position of the scan frames allows it.

For more information see the landing page and the news release below.

New ExpressScan for More Than 100 Percent Faster Scans

With the newly developed algorithm, SilverFast 9.1 users can now digitize their analog images significantly faster

KIEL, Germany -- The new SilverFast release 9.1 offers a multitude of innovations: The ExpressScan (German patent application pending) is a development for everyone who wants to scan a large number of images. The ExpressScan functionality works with both: reflective and transparent image originals. It automatically recognizes the arrangement of all images in a filmholder or on a flatbed and adapts the scanning process accordingly.

Users of SilverFast's Archive Suite can immediately benefit from the new feature after updating to the new version. This new method minimizes the number of scan passes and the analog originals get less stressed due to reduced mechanical procedures and amount of light hitting them.

An example: A completely filled 35mm slide holder of an Epson Perfection V850 Photo (64bit HDRiRAW) with 12 slides is digitized in only 13:08 min. Conventionally, with the same settings, 27:20 min are required. This corresponds to an improvement of more than 100 percent. CEO of LaserSoft Imaging Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, explains what this time saving actually means: "If you are going to scan 1000 slides, you can save around 18 working hours using the ExpressScan. This groundbreaking innovation will enthuse both private users and institutions such as archives and museums alike."

Similar results can also be achieved with other flatbed scanners, e.g. from Plustek, Canon or Microtek. The speed advantage is also achieved in comparison to the scanner manufacturer software such as EpsonScan or CanoScan. In competition with other third-party software, SilverFast with its ExpressScan is also faster.

In addition to the ExpressScan, the improved iSRD ensures even more precise infrared based dust and scratch removal. A gamma control has been added to the histogram dialog, which can be used to brighten images to reveal more image details in dark shadow areas. This new control is more effective than usual highlight and mid-tone controls. Adding a multi-page PDF functionality -- an often demanded customer request -- has been implemented.

SilverFast 9.1 is available for a variety of film and photo scanners for downloading at Of course, a free test software is also available. For customers who already own an older SilverFast version, LaserSoft Imaging offers a discounted upgrade to SilverFast 9.

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