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1 January 2022

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Manuel Vazquez, Tyson Rininger, Braulio Rocha, Fujifilm high ISO behavior, resolutions made, resolutions remembered and cheaper Internet.

  • Grace Holliday gets the story behind Manuel Vazquez's smartphone shot of Sauna Patrons Just Sit on the Icy Street. "I intended to shoot properly with my digital camera, but first I quickly took this on my Pixel 3, almost like a test shot," he says.
  • In Tyson Rininger Spends Quality Time With Natural Underwater Beauties, Chris Gampat interviews the Monterey Bay Aquarium photographer. He got the job after working in a camera store. "One of our good customers was Randy Wilder, who was the current Monterey Bay Aquarium photographer at the time," he says.
  • In Once a Janitor, Now the Bar Mitzvah Photography King of Montreal (gift link), Dan Bilefsky profiles the rapid rise of Braulio Rocha, a Roman Catholic Portuguese immigrant, who out his mop down at a Montreal synagogue to step in for an absent photographer one day. "Armed with a mix of chutzpah and a passion for photography he inherited from his father, who worked briefly as a photojournalist during Angola's war of independence in the 1970s, Rocha credited Canada's openness to immigrants for his good fortune," Bilefsky writes.
  • Jim Kasson investigates GFS 50S High-ISO Behavior and LrC Development. He got some pushback after recommending "users not set the ISO higher than 1600 unless they need to so see the image in the finder, since it's always better to delay processing that can result in image quality loss until post production." Which he stands by after his tests.
  • Kirk Tuck realizes it's Time to Make Some Resolutions. Personal and professional. With a slide show. Why not?
  • On reflection, Mike Johnston confesses he just remembered what he resolved to do last year. In On Resolutions: A Coda, he apologies for forgetting and pats himself on the back for "a pretty good job of following through." He must have done such a good job, it simply became second nature.
  • Justine Calma reports A Program for Cheaper Internet for Low-Income Americans Launches Today. "Households can apply to take up to $30 a month off their Internet service bill," she writes. "The program could help to connect millions of people to the Internet who haven't had access to it at home, especially in communities that have historically faced more barriers to getting online."

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