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6 January 2022

Today is no holiday. But, as we do on holidays here, we are taking a moment to reflect on the meaning of the day when several thousand of our fellow citizens directed by a man who could not admit he had lost decided to take the law into their own hands and subvert the 2020 election.

Joe Biden was elected president of the United States by a wide margin in that election. His victory was certified in every state. There was no election fraud.

And yet to this day there is an industry whose business is to insist only massive fraud put Biden in office.

Our image of the flag accompanying this piece represents that division. You are not looking at stripes on the flag; you are looking at bars dividing this nation.

If that's where we are, where do we go?

We could start with an acknowledgment that social media makes tools of us all. That Facebook itself is not a legitimate news source. Nor do tweets resemble a discussion.

And then we could demand more of ourselves as citizens.

To seek the truth from legitimate news sources whose journalists, editors and fact checkers have been covering the same beats for decades.

That also means distrusting anyone who would persuade us those trusted sources are "fake news." The reason they want to discredit legitimate sources is simply because these people always have something to hide.

The full story of January 6, 2021, has consequently not yet been told. But already we know it was the darkest day in U.S. history.

And how fortunate we were that the courage of a few defeated the reckless behavior of the mob inflamed by a man who went home to watch them on television.

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