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10 January 2022

There was something unfinished about last Friday's slide show of the demolition in progress. Two things, really. The first was an image of the building before it was demolished and the second was an image of the lot after demolition.

We were caught somewhere in between the two images as the building was stripped and then taken down, board by board.

It is not uncommon here for a family to have purchased two lots and built the same floor plan on each. It is probably part of the immigrant story, in fact.

We don't know the situation in this case but we used that information to, well, look around and discover that the building next door resembled the same front steps, front windows and facade of the place that was being demolished.

With that little puzzle neatly solved, we took a shot of the empty lot. Or nearly empty lot.

You can see the cert hillside was capped in concrete. And that left little room for a garage behind the two paired windows at street level.

Maybe garage enough for a Vespa, say.

No doubt there's more to this story unfolding in the months ahead. We look forward to seeing what develops.

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