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18 January 2022

In the rush to get the tree to the curb and pack away all the ornaments and the miscellaneous Christmas decorations scattered around the house, there is always one the escapes us.

It could be a small ornament on the tree. Or some little figurine perched in an unlikely place. It could be, frankly, anything (except a stocking).

To improve our odds, we decided to intentionally leave one out. Our sacrificial decoration for years has been a glass reindeer. When that didn't work well enough, we tried little angels.

There were enough of them that we thought we had this licked. Until this year.

And there it was. A little glass tree bottle stopper on the wine rack.

We found a small box for it and put it with the ornaments we store in the closet.

We're almost certain we're done now. That was the last decoration we put up so it probably was reluctant to disappear with the rest of them.

You have to respect that.

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