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1 February 2022

We've just archived Volume 11, Number 1 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 23 Features, five commented News stories, 28 Editor's Notes (which included 165 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 58 stories.

Of those, 28 stories featured 123 images, we celebrated one holiday and published three stories with gear specifications. We also marked the passing of three fellow photographers.

We can't remember a month in which we published so few news stories. In this case, it was less than 10 percent of our content. Those five stories compare to 19 news stories published in January 2021 and 29 in January 2020.

READERSHIP remains robust even as unique site visits fell back to August levels. We still served over 1.5 million pages.

Among our top five stories were three Around The Horn columns. In third place was the Martin Parr matinee and in fifth, our rumblings about Chasing a Sunset.

We're always hunting for new sources to inspire us but the pickings have been slim.

The next five included three Horns as well, with eighth place going to our abbreviated CES coverage (where not many photo-related companies even hosted virtual booths) and our Dave Clarke matinee.

As is always the case, earlier stories show up in the stats more than recent ones. Looking at December, for example shows almost an inverted list from what we cited last month as the top stories.

Which, when you think about it, makes sense.

WE'VE GIVEN SOME CONSIDERATION to rebalancing our editorial mix, particularly in response to the drop in news stories.

We've recently increased the number of features. Most of the new ones are case studies, showing how we developed an image beyond what the camera captured.

But we're also aware that the "columnists" we regularly read and link to in our Around The Horn pieces are themselves slowing down. A few seem to have stopped publishing completely, namely Francis Hodgson and Terry White. And Mike Johnston has been having trouble maintaining a three-day/week reduced schedule.

But even some of the sites not reliant on single individuals have quieted down. Like the iPhone Photography School and Digital Trends. And Feature Shoot has become click bait, to put it kindly.

We're always hunting for new sources to inspire us but the pickings have been slim. We've been disappointed in Camera Jabber (which is why you've never seen any links to it), to take just one example.

So if you run across something you find fascinating, use the link to submit A New Item on the Around The Horn column to let us know. We're famished for content.

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