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4 February 2022

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Jan Erik Waider, ISOlessness, Andrew Molitor, a medium format dilemma and a print sale.

  • Grace Ebert finds Unearthly Creatures Frozen in the in the Harz Mountains in the images of Hamburg-based landscape photographer Jan Erik Waider.
  • In Nikon Z9 and ISOlessness, Jim Kasson coins a word to describe "a state of affairs where the read noise of a camera remains virtually the same over a range of ISO settings, so that only the exposure defines the noise in the captured image and the ISO setting plays almost no part." And then measures it.
  • Andrew Molitor found Something to Look At in a photo of police officers lined up along Fifth Ave. in New York for the funeral of fellow officer Wilbert Mora.
  • Jason Row walks us through his Medium Format Dilemma as he tries to decide whether to move to the larger format for his landscape photography. It's a no decision.
  • Mike Johnston would like you to know Ctein's infrared Print Sale Starts Later Today. That's 11 a.m. PST.

More to come! Meanwhile, here's a look back. And please support our efforts...

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