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1 March 2022

We've just archived Volume 11, Number 2 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 17 Features, 12 commented News stories, 23 Editor's Notes (which included 156 items of interest), no reviews and one site note for a total of 53 stories.

Among those were 23 stories with 104 images and five stories with gear specifications. Those five stories made up a sizable percentage of the meager 12 news stories for the month. We're happy to report we published no obituaries in February.

READERSHIP NUMBERS were the usual puzzle. The good news is that visits increased 120 percent with one day still out. Given that we only published 53 stories, that's remarkable.

It may not have hurt that 17 of them were features, five more than all the news stories we published.

Of the top 15 stories, 12 of them were Around The Horn. Apparently it's catching on as a daily survey of the industry with a few tempting tidbits tossed in now and then.

Our slide show of A Garden Game led the rest of the pack in sixth position tied with our Capture One Live coverage while our piece on Restoring a Digital Image came in tenth.

WE'LL LEAVE IT at that. February has gone. March on.

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