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Backblaze Releases First SSD Drive Stats Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

4 March 2022

Backblaze has released the first SSD edition of the Backblaze Drive Stats report. Its quarterly and annual Drive Stats reports have focused exclusively on HDDs. The company expects to publish SSD stats twice a year with HDD stats quarterly.

Blackblazes SSDs are all boot drives in its storage servers. Since the fourth quarter of 2018, all new storage servers or servers with failed HDD boot drives had SSDs installed. The boot drives, which now number over 2,200, also store log files and temporary files.

Included among the findings Andy Klein reported are:

Two drives have eye-popping failure rates—the Crucial model: CT250MX500SSD1 and the Seagate model: ZA2000CM10002. In both cases, the drive days and drive count (not shown) are very low. For the Crucial, there are only 20 drives which were installed in December 2021. For the Seagate, there were only four drives and one failed in early 2021. In both cases, the AFR is based on very little data, which leads to a very wide confidence interval, which we’ll see in the next section. We include these drives for completeness.

The Samsung SSDs were the first SSDs to be installed as boot drives. There were 10 drives that were installed to test out how SSDs would work as boot drives. Thumbs up! We had prior plans for these 10 drives in other servers and after about two weeks, the Samsung drives were swapped out with other SSDs and deployed for their original purpose. Their pioneering work was captured in the Drive Stats data for posterity.

Klein points out that more drives will make for more useful data and invites readers to download the data for a look at it themselves.

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