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29 March 2022

The apple tree on the estate didn't waste any time breaking out its first blossom of the year. Spring sprang and out it came.

Apple Blossom. Nikon D300 with 50mm f1.4 Nikkor at f8, 1/160 second and ISO 200.

It was late in the day last week when we noticed but that didn't deter us. We grabbed the Nikon D300, put the old 1970s-era 50mm prime on it and lined up the shot.

We got as close as we could before we noticed a younger blossom behind it. We liked that composition so we fired away. But, frankly, we thought we'd end up cropping the younger blossom out to show off the first one better.

But we didn't.

We didn't crop at all, in fact. Perhaps a mistake. The first blossom is off center but the branches crossing in the background seem to persuade the eye that both blossoms are the subject of the photo.

There consequently seems to be an odd balance in the image. Odd enough for us to see and you, perhaps, not so much.

So we added a vignette, darkening the corners a bit.

But it would not surprise us if we were wrong. So we did the crop we had imagined we would do when we shot the image (and the way we would have framed it if our lens could have cropped that tightly).

And we liked that too. Although, as you can see, it's an entirely different image.

But who says you can't get two images out of one shot?

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