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1 April 2022

We've just archived Volume 11, Number 3 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 20 Features, 13 commented News stories, 27 Editor's Notes (which included 195 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 62 stories.

We published 114 images in 25 of those stories and two gear specification stories. We also published four obituaries this month.

If 13 news stories seems sparse to you, you're right. A year ago we published 31 in March. Two years ago we published 28. And five years ago, we had 35.

If 13 news stories seems sparse to you, you're right.

Blame the pandemic, if you like. Or a world of impoverished refugees rather than middle class shoppers. Or extreme weather events demolishing city after city and the lives within them.

READERSHIP jumped up from last month with 1.3 million pages served. We're generally well over a million pages served each month, although last month fell short of that.

Our top 10 stories were, with one exception, Around The Horn columns. Which is fine with us. We're surprised, though, that our top story (by a whopping 162 percent over the second place story) was our March 3 Around The Horn. We can see no particular reason for that.

That second place story was our Friday slide show Focusing Softly. And our 11th and 12th ranked stories are worth mentioning, too. That would be Hasselblad Names 2022 Heroines and our review of PureRaw 2 in which we proposed a command line interface for the Raw pre-processor.

There were four Horns after that before our slide show Faith in a Seed.

WE HAVE SOME TREATS lined up for you in April. And just in case you suspect that's is an April Fool's joke, we're writing it (as we always do) before the month has ended.

But you know you can always take us at our word. All 4,875,672 of them.

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