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Friday Slide Show: The War Horse Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

1 April 2022

It was one of those things. Some bean counter thought it would save a few beans to eliminate the valet parking for patients of the hyperbarometic oxygen program. But the staff argued against that on, ahem, humanitarian grounds. And prevailed.

What the bean counter had failed to factor into his calculation was that if patients had to find or pay for their own parking, no one would arrive on time or stay the course of 40 treatments of the $2,500 sessions.

Bean counters are prone to errors like that. Their sums are always precisely off point.

So there we were at Reef Parking waiting for our humble carriage to be returned to us when we spied this war horse.

With nothing better to do, we whipped out our iPhone 6 Plus (we hear Apple is up to the iPhone 14 now but we're happy counting the money we've saved not upgrading, which is not beans) and took a few shots of the black and chrome monster.

We know nothing about bikes.

But we know this is a Harley-Davidson even though there's not badge on it. Not only is the engineering is distinctive but we saw a pristine newer model in the garage today with its Harley-Davidson badges.

The Harley culture is as distinctive as the engineering. Dread Lords. Live Free. The helmet perched on the handle bars in a death-defying pose.

We saw it on only that one day. Never again.

We imagine windows in the whole neighborhood rattled when it started up and rolled down Pine St. to wherever it was headed. And we imagine it got exactly where it was going, too.

A feat which is worth more than a whole hill of beans.

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