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27 April 2022

We knew better. The focal length of our lens was too long. The sensor was too noisy at ISO 800 and this would have to be 1600. And the subject itself had no redeeming social value.

Cutting Edge. Olympus E-PL1 with Lensbaby Twist 60 at f2.5, 1/13 second and ISO 1600. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

But we liked the way the light spilled from the kitchen onto the knives in the dining room. And sometimes you just have to go with what you like.

The capture was every bit as dreadful as we had expected.

Cutting Edge. Camera JPEG extracted from the Raw file.

But looking at it, we felt the soul of Paul Klee hoovering nearby. Could we not make something of this?

Not in our usual way, though. Not by sharpening it and extending the dynamic range. Not by punching up the Clarity and Dehazing it with a little Texture to make it look a lot better than the glass was originally inclined to do.

Just the opposite. By softening it after increasing the Exposure significantly and blurring the Shadows.

We don't know why but we liked it.

"One eye sees, the other feels," Paul Klee once wrote.* And that, perhaps, explains it.

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