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28 April 2022

It's hard not feel we are being audacious in imitating nature. Even in borrowing from it (as if we intended to return anything). We steal, that's all. And in the theft, we manage to take away only a part of what is there.

Echoes. Olympus E-PL1 with Lensbaby Twist 60 at f2.5, 1/13 second and ISO 1600. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Despite that law of the universe, this front window drew our eye and then our lens as we passed by. There was an unheard musical elegance about the sweep of the dancing barren branches in jars of muted colors. Their sparse gesture filled the entire frame of the picture window with implied movement.

But we were on the other side of the street median, which itself was overgrown. We barely got a peek through the foliage at the artificial scene echoing it.

But we had nothing to lose.

We lined up the shot and fired away and hoped we'd be able to make something of it later.

Talk about audacious.

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