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6 May 2022

We fell in love with San Francisco again walking down Hyde Street but that isn't the end of the story. It's just the beginning.

As soon as you fall in love, pleased by what you see, curiosity kicks in.

And that's just what happened to us. As we walked along Hyde Street, we couldn't help but peek up one street or another and see one curious thing or another. Naturally, we wanted to explore further but There Just Wasn't Enough Time.

What, for example, was at the end of that street going uphill? It looked like a small park. But there was no green rectangle on the map we consulted later at home. What was sitting in the middle of that street?

There is no cure for this sort of thing other than to strap the camera on and continue the expedition. Which is exactly what we did one brilliant afternoon.

That park turned out to be a wall closing off the street to a dangerously steep hill with a spectacular view of downtown and the Bay Bridge. We weren't the only one lining up that shot.

And there were plenty more where that came from.

There were, for example, no lack of cable cars. We caught two crossing, in fact. But we had to be nimble. Nine miles per hour is faster than it sounds.

And there were more wild views down narrow streets like Pleasant with its rich history. Plus amusing storefronts (a Mexicatessen?) we would have liked to visit (If Only We Had More Time).

So what did we shoot wide angle? Fine architectural details preserved from another age. Some highlighted with fancy paint jobs, others vanished to protect them from the fog.

We even found Waldo.

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