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18 May 2022

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Bonnaroo, camping, parabolic reflectors, composition continued, a bid, street photography contest, two retired Leicas, a tango and iCloud Drive issue.

  • Brad Moore writes about Day 1 of Photographing Bonnaroo for Red Bull. "I finished shooting my last set a little after 2:30am, roughly 12 hours after I first set out to take lifestyle photos around the festival," he writes.
  • In The Camping Gear Special for Photographers, Derrick Story details his setup (which works for non-photographers, too). "Not only will you be more comfortable, but I'm betting more creative as well," he writes. (For an alternative, see the little paper figure in the window sill here.)
  • Zach Sutton explains Why You Need to Consider Parabolic Reflectors in Your Work. The argument is in the images.
  • Peter Eastaway continues his Mastering the Art of Composition with the fifth part (you didn't think you were going to get off easy, did you?). What Is Compositional Balance? he asks.
  • Bryan Sheffield prices a shoot for an International Luxury Hospitality Brand with unlimited use of up to five images in perpetuity and unlimited use of up to 30 additional images for one year. Which came out to 60,975, a bid which was accepted. "The shoot was a success and images are out in the world currently!" he writes.
  • LensCulture is Calling All Street Photographers to enter its 2022 LensCulture Street Photography Awards. Single entries are free. Deadline is June 22.
  • Kirk Tuck reports The Leica CL and the Leica TL2 Exit the Camera Arena. And he, naturally, bought both last year. "I'll probably end up keeping the CL until it falls apart in my hands," he admits (although the pricey TL2 batteries will automatically retire it). "The one thing I'm reasonable certain about though is that the Sigma 56mm f1.4 is very much a keeper."
  • In That Ole Authoritarian Tango, Andrew Molitor objects to confusing cameras (but not basketballs) to guns.
  • Adam Engst reports iCloud Drive Folder Sharing Risks Data Loss when participants delete files or folders from within a shared folder. "Apple has basically just said that anyone you add to an iCloud Drive shared folder can delete the entire contents of a shared folder and you can't do anything about it. Bad Apple!" he writes.

More to come! Meanwhile, here's a look back. And please support our efforts...

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