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14 July 2022

Thursdays are gardening day, we remind ourselves every Thursday. Thursday night we take out the garbage and that includes the green bin of leaves and trimmings.

Mushroom. Nikond D200 with 35mm f2.8 Nikkor at f8, 1/30 second and ISO 900. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

So we were out there while the Web was spinning around today, pruning back a neighbor's privets, clipping a few wayward branches from the apple tree and a few more from the lemon tree, keeping the ivy in check, raking up the leaves and pulling a few weeds.

Once again we did not fall off the ladder, ending our brief sojourn on this planet.

Instead, we got really close to the ground intentionally when we saw this mushroom growing on the trunk of our yellow angel trumpet. We'd never seen one quite like it.

It seemed upside down, with its gills on the top and the dome underneath, attached to the stalk. Five petals branched out like a fan.

We grabbed the Nikon D200, which had a 35mm Nikkor attached with a reversing ring, and shot this macro (among others). We liked this one for the detail (quite a bit larger than life size) on the edges.

We never know what we're going to find in the garden. Life is full of surprises.

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