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Friday Slide Show: Detour Ahead Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

22 July 2022

If youth detests a detour, age welcomes it. Either way, though, detours are inevitable. And in some cases, they make up the whole nature of an enterprise. Like this publication, you might say.

And with that thought, we invite you to view this slide show as a metaphor for Photo Corners. You'll can view the rerouting of normal traffic, the heavy equipment, the deep holes dug in the street as similes for visiting the site, our automated publishing system and the volume of information we put on display.

Which is what attracted us to the scene, after all.

If youth detests a detour, age welcomes it.

We're no longer a boy who plays with little yellow trucks in the mud, moving little mounds of garden soil around. And we're no longer working for a temp agency that sends you out to construction sites.

So when we walk by a site now, it's the workers who interest us. Their expertise, the care they take, safety precautions, that sort of thing.

And, like them, we have no urgency to finish the job.

Here, the task seems to be to replace some clay sewer lines probably over 100 years old. They had to dig deep under the street, limiting traffic to one shared lane (hence the detour the blue pickup is just exiting) and holding back the sides of the hole with wide metal stakes you can see stockpiled on a side street near the end of the show.

Impatient youth detests a detour because it delays the prize, the goal, the kiss. And for that very same reason, age delights in it. Drag things out, please. Give us something to look forward to. Let us live a little longer.

All that jabber about the journey being the destination is just tossing a wet rag on that impatience as it encounters detour after detour in a life that is nothing but detours until its arrival at nothing more than oblivion.

So here's to detours! Long may they detour us.

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