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12 August 2022

We went to Mission Bay Thursday morning for a shingles booster shot. We know someone who had shingles and we don't want shingles. We can't remember another year when we had so many shots, unless it was at a bar.

To celebrate, we took a walk over to Chase Center, which we haven't visited since it was under construction in 2018. Home to the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, it hosts some 200 events during the year.

But it was quiet Thursday morning.

We walked around the site, snapping photos under a blue but cloudy sky that was mirrored in the surrounding glass. And we had a ball.

Just as we were winding down, we saw some strange pillars exiting a garage. They were designed to prevent vehicles from entering the exit. We took a shot of them and continued on.

'Are you working here?'

A security guard popped out and said something to us. We put our hand to our ear to indicate we hadn't caught what he said. "Are you working here?" he asked.

"No," we said. "Just a tourist."

"OK, I appreciate that," he said, going back inside.

It was a pleasant exchange. That's one of the postrules of the place, after all. The first one, in fact. "Players and fans respect and appreciate each other."

We probably did look suspicious enough to question, carrying our Nikon dSLR with long lens and lining up shots with our feet. If we'd been noodling around with a smartphone like the other people there, no one would have given us a second thought.

But you can't stick an 18-200mm zoom on a smartphone.

The angles and effects of the buildings just cry out for a zoom as you compose the image. And you can't zoom with your feet when your composition is five floors above you.

It was our first in-person peek at the venue. We can't imagine we'll ever manage to get inside for either a game or a concert. But if we do, we'll bring a smartphone. We'd hate to get tossed out before we get a peek inside.

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