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15 August 2022

We were amused by this welcome sign outside the Kaiser facility we visited last week. Partly because we only noticed it coming out of the building. And then because, in context, it seemed to be ineffective.

Welcome. Nikon D300 with 18-200mm Nikkor at 20mm (30mm equivalent), f8, 1/1000 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Which was no trouble at all to illustrate in a quick snapshot.

We took in a much larger view than this more concise crop because we thought the context required it. But it turns out that the larger crop is a bit too much context.

The progression is from the trash can, presumably with last week's stuff in it, to the backward welcome and beyond to the couple in the crossing walk moving away from the warm welcome.

You don't need the parking lot or cloudy sky to find it amusing.

It did take a lot of work beyond cropping though. We started with an auto Upright adjustment to get the streetlights parallel to each other. The top of the parking garage as it recedes into the distance unfortunately confuses that.

Then we had to wake up the Shadows, which were mud. But they were also the background for the white welcome sign, so we pulled back the Blacks and added a bit of Dehaze to restore a little life to them.

Then we had to call on the Healing Brush to remove a traffic sign that interfered with the welcome sign. And, to confess everything, we also had to tidy up the edge of the crosswalk where the lines had not been laid down quite as carefully as they might have. We used the Rubber Stamp tool for that.

And with that we finished our ironic welcome to the week. Well, nearly. There was one more amusing edit we thought we'd try:

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