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18 August 2022

There is a stretch of Portola Drive, which we wander along quite regularly these days, that is habitually showered with shattered auto glass from car break-ins.

Windshield. Captured with the iPhone 6 Plus at 4.2mm, f2.2, 1/5650 and ISO 32. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

During the day (before the pandemic) it was a popular parking lot for commuters to downtown San Francisco who found the free parking and Muni ticket cheaper than monthly rates at the downtown garages.

But at night it was a convenience store for the less fortunate.

No matter how many times we hear the admonition to not leave valuables in your car, we leave valuables in our car.

Not everyone, of course. Some people open the glove box door and pull everything apart to indicate there's nothing in the car. Others leave the doors unlocked. Some put up a sign saying the sign is the only valuable thing in the car.

Still it showers auto glass.

But we'd never seen a truck windshield get the treatment before. It was rather shocking.

Of course, it might not have been a break-in at all. It could have been a collision of some sort. And we had come by long after the glass had been cleaned up so we don't know if it fell outside the cab or inside.

But as clear views go, it cannot be beaten.

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