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Friday Slide Show: Neighborhood Dahlias Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

19 August 2022

We miss our September excursions to the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park (not to mention the Opera in the Park performances that prompted with them). But dahlias, like a good man, can not be kept down.

Up the street, the neighborhood church plants a dahlia garden this time of year. It blooms when the school's students are away on vacation.

So we took a few compensatory shots the other (overcast) day thinking something would be better than nothing.

But what is really better than nothing is doing something. Fate may conspire against you but you can always fight back.

And so we did.

A few shots with the Nikon D300 and we had dahlias again. A few minutes later, we put on an Andrea Bocelli CD from the library and we had opera again.

No pandemic is going to keep us from unfurling our petals in the light of day.

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