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22 August 2022

When the morning sunlight strafes across the surface of San Francisco Bay, the bay sparkles like a field of precious gemstones. Bling Bay, you might say.

The Sparkling Bay. Nikon D300 with 18-200mm Nikkor at 120mm (180mm equivalent), f8, 1/1000 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

We just happened to look out on it a few days ago and couldn't resist training our lens on the scene.

But it wasn't the sparkle that caught our eye.

It was the old pilings sitting in the shallow depths holding nothing up any more.

And that overcast sky (despite the sun we were shooting into) only emphasizes the plight of the pilings.

Is it an upbeat image or a depressing one?

According to a recent poll (of the photographer who took the shot), it's upbeat. A sort of echo of the Great Resignation in which the pilings have had enough of holding up the fishermen and boaters and just want to stand there in the bay, wading in the cool water, as it were.

A revolt.

But because they are in shadow, with the sun on the other side, we don't notice their decay. How weathered they are. How worn. How, you might say, useless they have become.

The fate that awaits us all, perhaps.

Now, is it an upbeat image or a depressing one?

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