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23 August 2022

One of the most treasured tricks of imaging is photographing reflections. Success is guaranteed (or your money back) if the reflection itself is in focus, fooling the eye into thinking it is observing the scene directly.

Upon Reflection. Nikon D300 with 18-200mm Nikkor at 50mm (75mm equivalent), f8, 1/125 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Of course when we say "eye" we mean "mind," but we're too polite to say so. Fooling the mind has become a national pastime lately. Half the country is deluded. And the other half knows which half we're talking about.

You can see two buildings in this image (and the squirrelly one really is squirrelly -- that's not an optical distortion). But only one of the buildings you see is inhabitable.

The other is a reflection.

You might call it a lie. A play of light. An illusion. But it isn't real. You can't walk into that blue building and end up in the white one. It isn't there.

Of course, you could turn around and go in the opposite direction and get into the white building. But, you know, you'd have to turn around. You'd have to go in the opposite direction.

We find this image endlessly amusing. Upon reflection.

Perhaps we'll send it off as a postcard to half our friends.

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