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Adobe Study: Creator Economy Grew 119 Pct. in Two Years Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

25 August 2022

In its study Future of Creativity: Creators in the Creator Economy, Adobe reports the creator economy has grown by 165M+ globally in the last two years, an increase of 119 percent.

Creators are defined as anyone who "participates in creative activities" like "photography, creative writing, NFT creation, etc." or "create original social content that they post, share or promote online at least monthly."

And that work is being done primarily by millenials (42 percent) and Gen X (31 percent) with Gen Z and Boomers both trailing at 14 percent each.

Thirty percent find it more helpful for mental health than exercising or listening to music. And half of them make as much as lawyers and CPAs, Adobe claimed, although 60 percent also have full-time jobs.


Key findings from the graphic-intensive report (20.7K download) include:

A diverse, passionate, thriving creator economy:

  • Millennials make up 42 percent of creators while Gen Z is only 14 percent of creators globally.
  • Influencers (creators with 5K+ followers) make up only 14 percent of creators globally.

Redefining the future of work:

  • While content creation is a side hustle for most (6 out of 10 creators also have full-time jobs) it can be lucrative.
  • 51 percent of influencers are earning in the top income brackets, making as much as lawyers and CPAs.

Creating and sharing for mental health:

  • 47 percent of influencers rank using or creating social content as a top necessity for mental health, above exercising (30 percent), listening to music (31 percent) and going outside (27 percent).

Positively impacting social causes

  • Creators agree original social media content can have a positive impact on advancing social causes (61 percent).
  • Priority causes for creators include Food & Housing Security (62 percent), Social Justice (59 percent) and Climate Change (58 percent).


Adobe provides an entertaining but briefer infographic (7.2K) to summarize the reports findings.

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