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6 September 2022

Adobe has revealed its sixth annual Rising Stars of Photography, featuring 10 up-and-coming photographers from around the world.

Rising Stars. Top row: Crawford, M, Bauer, Ifemwe, Keane; Bottom row: Mordi, Garcia, Chandelier, Gerber, Bui. Images have been cropped to fit.

With themes ranging from cultural expression to racial identity and natural phenomena, these photographers are dedicated to documenting this moment in history from their particular point of view.

"Photography presents the opportunity to learn so much from photographers' frame of mind -- from the way they angle a photo to the subject they choose to photograph," the company said. "This year's Rising Stars of Photography give us a better understanding of and appreciation for places we might never go and communities we may never be a part of."


The list of new stars includes:

  • Nadine Bauer -- Madeira, Portugal
  • Tommy Bui -- Saigon, Vietnam
  • Julie Chandelier -- Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Aaron Crawford -- Georgia, United States
  • Javi Garcia -- Canary Islands, Spain
  • Davis Gerber -- Mexico
  • Melissa Ifemwe -- Vienna, Austria
  • Jada Imani M -- Maryland, United States
  • Kreshonna Keane -- New York, United States
  • Ebuka Mordi -- Abuja, Nigeria

For more information, including bios and headshots, see the blog post announcing this year's stars.

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