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Datacolor Announces Spyder Checkr Photo Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

9 September 2022

Datacolor has introduced its Spyder Checkr Photo, a pocket-sized, color reference tool to capture accurate, consistent image color.

Highlights include:

  • Color consistency across a variety of cameras, lenses and sensor combinations
  • Create HSL presets for photo/video editing software to streamline post-production
  • Includes 62 target colors in 4 interchangeable cards in a durable, portable, protective case
  • Checkr-Matte printing process yields ultra-matte target patches for the truest color renditions
  • Includes expanded skin tones targets for portraits
  • 24-step gray scale
  • Additional large targets for white/gray balancing

The $99.99 Spyder Checkr Photo is available now from Datacolor in four interest-free payments or from Amazon or B&H.

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